March 2022 – April 2022

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About Fix My Zen

Katie has helped hundreds of businesses and individuals over the last decade plus.

She’s done everything from writing business plans to opening bank accounts to filing taxes, to bringing magical order to boxes of receipts & notebooks jammed with confusing numbers.

Your run of the mill accountant could not & would not have been able to do what Katie has done infinity times. Her genius problem solving skills, her genuinely caring ways and her no-nonsense, we-won’t-leave-a-penny-on-the-table attitude have saved her clients immeasurable headaches and untold amounts of money.

Co-founders Katie & Jessica are excited to have problem solved their way into a solution that allows Katie to help all of her existing, former & waitlisted clients in addition to spreading her love, light & trucker mouth (& zen!) to an extended audience.

Jessica has a diverse business background and is overjoyed to be putting her creative energy into building a business designed to help so many people save time and money and frustration.

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